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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 15, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> thanks for joining us and top stories we're following right now here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and there is a freeze were in effect for most of the bay area right now. >> will get to weather and a moment but first you want to go to contra costa county fire crews. you could see the flames right not they tried to put water on it. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> good warning first let me
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tell you that where this fire is burning bears almost no light down there. that is what you see a black-and- white picture. according to the contra costa county fire district they get a call shortly after 3:00 a.m. of fire an old abandoned pier. there's a small structure of that year. because of where it's at and it's an old oil soap year it is very difficult for firefighters to get this from the shore. they called an ipad of the pittsburgh fire occur from a also by the contra costa county. they do not want these burning timbers to fall off and into the catania straight. less than a quarter mile there is a
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huge plant nearby. they don't want some of these smoldering b down the straight and into that factory. they have them put on alert. according to firefighters as will be a very difficult fire to fight. it is not huge flames but because it is old timbers that the oil soaked it will take a while for them to put the fire completely out. >> there are railroad tracks there that amtrak goes through. i there any personnel on the tracks or a bad idea from the other side? >> from the other side. this fire is suspicious in nature. the pier itself was abandoned so there should be no reason for anyone to be out there. there is no electricity or anything else on that pier. they consider this fire suspicious in nature and you can see now
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with the fire but is starting to boat water and from the other side of this fire. there tried to get this under control but they said that it is morning and read the pier at this point. >> thank you for that, we will bring you updates throughout the morning. and out weather, we have freezing temperatures >> it is a chilly start to the morning and everyone is tired of the cold temperatures. we're in the upper 20s in santa rosa bridge what these results of our east the interior valleys and severance is go looks to be all is not coming in at 40 degrees. the bridges will continue to drop as we get closer to sunrise. morning lows, a temperatures will lose a couple of degrees as we headed to the next few hours. it looks like mostly sunny conditions and a little bit warmer as we head into the afternoon. patchy
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morning fog is at the possibility for the mile and warmer conditions of that for the afternoon. the wet weather to talk about and i do not see any storms on our radar. i will study the very seventh important 7 day around the bay and my next report. >> will tran is joining us live in san jose to tell us how the conditions are there. good morning well >> at the morning darya and had to tell you had to wear the believe this morning. and 12 years i've not had to were the be the sole i will be the barometer of how cold it is. it is 23 degrees i think that it may be a little bit off. you get the idea. it is below freezing in san jose but the good as it is it is dry. so drive but when you walk out this morning that if you live in
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the east or south bay you will not have discreet rear windshield. i did not have to. there is a car lot and all those windshields are nice and dry as well. my camera woman wants to pass what a great step and what ever you do this morning do not touched metal! it could be quite painful. >> every time i touched the van or the equipment my figures were just frozen. >> also, tell yoli not to touch it with her toptungtongue (laughter) >> is by the report of early
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morning problems before treasure island accident or a stall it did not back up the bridge. the metering lights have not yet been activated but they likely will be in the next few minutes. around the bay you will find great conditions. already a little slow for interstate 580 and highway 4. otherwise a light and easy ride for the south bay peninsula and north bay communes. >> marin county is sponsoring an effort to get guns off the bay area's streets with this first ever got to buy back a bit today. the countrhealthy of $81 for semi-automatic guns and $100 for other guns as long as the weapons are still working. today is by backgrounds from 11 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. the top is at least apartment in about up, san rafael and larkspur. although the point raised as some states said. and you don't have to be from marin
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county, they've opened up the residents from sampras is go, sun, or contra costa counties. you do need to show proof you live in one of these four counties. >> news and the eyes of this morning revealed the pilot of the old oriole tanker that struck a tower of the bay bridge last week's which courses as he was approaching the bridge. just why 61 year-old pilot guy kleess changed course as the overseas right at near the bridge in january 7th is still unclear. also contributed to the accident were thickening fog, a fall to begin and dangerous currents. according to investigators, please add light of the tanker the past of the middle of the bridge between the c and d. towers at the last minute tried to switch the opening between the d and e towers ultimately hitting the e tower. a full investigation could take months to wrap up. kleess is a former exxon
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and oil tanker captain who has 1200 trips on the bay with large ships.
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>> said index futures point to a slightly lower opening on wall street this morning. dell shares rose 13% during the trading day yesterday on
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reports that the computer maker could be taken private. world's fair is stalled near 18 month highs and safe haven treasuries are trading higher today after a warning from federal reserve chairman ben the fraternity. he why the economic recovery is at risk for the metal to rise at the nation's borrowing limit. the united states is back to run out tools to avoid a default between mid february and early march. >> lodging gas prices this morning as the national average for regular gallon of gas continues to rise. but we here in the bay area we haven't seen much of a change the prices. and sampras is 03 $67 cents an oakland $3.59 and is san jose $3.58. >> as most bay area residents pick up their first paycheck of the new year many will be wondering why their check a smaller. that is because the payroll
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tax holiday is over as part of the economic stimulus plan. all americans sought a 2 percent cut in their social security payroll tax was dropped from 6.2 down to 4.2%. that tax cut was not renewed by congress of the tax credit back to where it was in 2010 so expected to 82% last in your take-home pay.
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>> we have some changes in the forecast here is erica. >> that is right it will get warmer as we transition into the weekend. we really does have to get through this morning because it is a cold start. it will be warmer this after no but let's look at some of the cold spots and the bay area. this entire list includes temperatures in the '20s. about zero is 27 degrees, 28 for vallejo in fairfield. concord 29 and to address will continue to drop because these are not even your morning lows. around sunrise are around 730 this morning freeze warning and frost advisory are in effect from the national weather service. i don't think eyes as much of a factor today because the air is so dry. there's no moisture to talk about. it will be a cold one but i do not think it will cancel the advisory slated
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yesterday. and to the 8:00 hour we are still holding out of the 30's in fairfield concord and up and beat north bay as well. the coast light will be pretty warm for this time of morning. was it closer to lunchtime of the light blue will dominate the entire bay area. pilots we will be in the '50s and gain a couple of degrees as the present year afternoon highs. 8:00 p.m. tonight is really not that cold. temperatures will wrap into the mid-40s in most spots. yesterday by 8:00 p.m. and we are already in the upper 30's are around livermore. afternoon highs will be a little warmer compared to yesterday. we looking for that warming trend. oakland topping out of 56 degrees, 57 for santa rosa, 53 percent fell and san francisco. satellite and radar shows a ridge of high pressure building in over the west. we will continue sunny skies and clear conditions. it will not be
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as cold for the next several mornings. it will be dry for the entire bay area. looking at the extended models and as of right now is looking like a 0 percent chance of rain. 7 day around the bay shows it we could see some morning fog and patchy and to tomorrow. look at all the sunshine and clear conditions and we would not be surprised if we saw some mid to upper 60s trickle and as we head into friday and saturday. i great looking forecast is 6:17 a.m. and here is george >> we continue to monitor eight smooth ride. we're looking at a back of the bay bridge although it is not a bad 114 to 60 minutes of your coming in from the macarthur maze, less if you're coming from the left nimitz freeway. if you're ready to 92 the san mateo bridge you have a pretty good right here. the delays in either direction. the
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golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound volume is already up a bit for the southbound 1 01 right but we are a problem free on the span and through marin county. i will study that right in just a moment. first drive times through the east bay interstate 80 is still a good ride. 16 minutes at the upside and a little less for your items are coming in from say pinole down to berkeley. the san ramon valley ride is still doing well 16 to 80 minutes from walnut creek down to the dublin. it is already getting sluggish after the on altamont pass for 580 westbound. in san jose looks great 55 m.p.h. speed or better. sampras is going to golden gate bridge looks good and is still a 23 to 25 minute drive time. we have been following a fire and rocket and it is located on
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the water. because of that and proximity to the railroad tracks the capitol corridor train is experiencing delays a systemwide because they are not able to run trains through the area right now if that is your typical commute route they may be substituting some buses. you should be looking for alternate transportation. >> freezing temperatures are creating a high demand for portable heaters. in fact, some stores are running out at midnight get any more until after the cold snap. that is not the case of this case of hardware and elsa rico. there are cells and two rooms full of portable heaters. even the sales of doubled compared to the same time last year. the store manager says purchasing extra heaters is always a gamble for them but this year it may pay off. >> police asking the public
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to help identify a man a wrapped in san revell bank earlier this month. you're looking at surveillance photos. authorities say a suspect and instead of the west of america bank and francisco boulevard and demanded money from a teller. is they want to was given a catchy flat on fled. the suspect is described as wh'd between 56 and 61 and weighing between 160 to two water pounds. >> the sadness as the police about it released a sketch of the man who attacked one of the mission district. this is a sketch of the suspect to attempted to sexually assault the 31 year-old woman back on january 6th. just before 3 in the morning the woman was walking down 23rd street toward the church would a man at one is that higher grabbing her head and throwing her to the ground. he has described as an asian or hispanic male, 25 years of age with a buzz at
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habitat and slight a beard growth. a routine traffic stop and santa rosa leads to the arrest of a sex offender with knives and a half. chp officers stopped a pick up with a broken tail light of santa rosa ave. at the man gave a false name police wrestled to determine that they demand a stop was robert meet hold a convicted sex offender who failed to register. he was driving with a suspended license and police also found several large knives and a half a pound of marijuana. of the offender and possession of knives and marijuana, mcdowell was already wanted as an armed and dangerous parolees. major damage >> major damage to a halt larkspur at a 150 ft. redwood tree collapses and crashes into the second story. the tree which stood
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and yet across the street fell late monday morning and ended up stretching across baltimore ave. neighbors described herein was out like an explosion followed by the laws but will leloss of y and phone service to 70 homes in the area. there is one reason is i the, the time the tree came crashing down but luckily they were on injured.
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>> we're all excited about the 49th game at here are some of the pictures you said. a consensus more pictures at breaking news at crown back, or sent into our kron4 facebook page. the big game is coming up this weekend at noon on sunday. this will decide at this 49ers go to the super bowl! >> 04 winfrey is confirming that lance armstrong can clean there are about the use of his performance enhancing drugs during their to a half-hour interview. winfrey says the cycle is was " forthcoming " as the ascot in detail about dumping allegations. comes from was stripped of his seventh order for its titles last year after a u.s. anti doping agency report said
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light on his extensive doping regimen. i'm john apologized is live strong charity organization and as the biggest single out those with cancer and their families. the army was to be aired on thursday but winfrey said it will not run in two parts over two nights because there's so much material. the new york police about once pharmacies and around the city to buy prescription drug tests by stocking pill bottles that it with the gps tracking chips. the nypd believe the so-called big bottles could help investigators track stolen drugs and locate suspects. nypd will unveil the plan today in riverside county, calif. at the conference on health issues of the bi for president bill clinton's foundation. >> after 113 a lot out hockey is back at you to be
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part of the spirit today and san jose. aside seven noon practice at the sharks ice and san jose open to the public. it's happening on the north break. the sides have their burst worked out on sunday at front of some very excited fans. they opened up at the calgary flames of this sunday. >> we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street that looks like a down day for trading. we'll have more on the markets and rob black at 645.
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sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. >> we are expecting stocks
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to be low under early trading. and if >> concert costa county fire crews are battling a big fire on crack it. the as brand water right there you can see the flames. it started around 4 in the morning. the coast guard is helping because they are concerned >> is there is at 80 maybe a hundred years old it is problematic it is going to burn for a while. >> firefighters are calling this is this is but the pier is so far gone that the investigation is good to be
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very difficult. we also are getting where the capital corridor trains are not the lead and track trades will likely be delayed due to do to the proximity of the fire to the tracks. we alive grew out of the and we will have another report coming up in 30 minutes. >> we will be a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday's in the evening hours will not be too bad with most of us in the '40's. numbers and downtown san francisco are held at 41 degrees. oakland recently dropped to 34. we have a freeze warning and frost
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advisory and of fact and i will talk about where the temperatures will go and my next report. the debt is is we're not looking at how out of the commute this morning but we are having a heck of the bay bridge toll plaza. a 1460 minute wait on the bay bridge. but you're driving in the east bay the only slowing you will encounter is likely on interstate 580 on the altamont pass. it still looks good there pittsburg and the fire we are talking about is not affecting freeway traffic on highway 4 or interstate 80. and the south bay peninsula and north bay you are still enjoying a pretty light ride. a 24 year-old man is dead and another person is injured and a shooting in palo alto . police that
6:34 am
officers of officers responded to reports of the shooting of 26 under but illinois street just before 2:00 p.m. monday. about doubt that the outcomes are dead at the scene. he's a he's been shot multiple times and a second of the right of the hospital with gunshot wounds remains in critical condition. >> we have arrested one
6:35 am
person that is involved in one of the shootings from last friday. two of the four murders this weekend were involved and with groups of people. these are two groups that are involved in about 90 percent of the crime in oakland. in addition to the 1 arrest oakland police have devastated 11 illegal firearms officers were out investigating the shootings that occurred over the weekend. this is near echo park in north east lost and the list there is word that the i five is completely shut down and the l.a. area. it will cause big problems for the morning commute.
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>> the san mateo county narcotics task force are arrested a man who is suspected of selling illegal firearms out of his house and car. police arrested antonio infante at his home on spears avenue on friday. he is a convicted felon who which prohibits them from owning a firearm. police recovered to revolvers when semiautomatic handgun and as gay as assault rifle. authorities also recovered hundreds of rounds of ammunition. >> the newest search for victims of speed freak killers is not a second week. the 30 state loren herzog and wesley shermantine carried out a drug fuelled killing spree in the 1980's and 90's. last year the remains of three people were found a well in linden. now the fbi has joined the search and a different spot and they're facing setbacks because there and able to identify the bottom of the well. authorities say they have more work to do to prepare
6:37 am
the well for excavation delaying the search for another week. so far this year no human remains have been found. have you gotten your place at yet? help is on the way, we will be back. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> welcome back it is 6 and 30 8:00 a.m.. the mayor will be speaking today at 9:30 a.m.. this is something that we will be watching. they will be specializing in mass on-line courses. the governor has been calling on them to expand its use of technology. this will help reduce expenses and allow more students to go to
6:41 am
college. >> now to the widespread outbreak of the flow which has killed a least 20 children around the country. here in california for adults have died from the
6:42 am
flow, and the sickness could just be getting started here. at last check, the flu is widespread in 47 states. if that does not include california. >> at some kaiser permanente facilities in northern california there simply was not enough vaccines to meet the demands. but more is on the way. doctors say that 30 it thousand more vaccines are coming and they will be distributed to their hospitals and facilities as soon as possible. but it is not just kaiser that is running out of the shots, other medical facilities are having the same problems. >> if you are in the east bay, we found there is no
6:43 am
shortage of the flu vaccine at contra costa health services. at the immunization clinic headquarters in martinez. we got a look at the supply. the county has all the different types of vaccines that are in stock from the regular vial, the shot for children, and the nasal spray and even the shot may just for pregnant women. officials there tell us, that there are plenty of shots to go or around. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. it the top stories we are following at this hour. contra costa
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county fire crews are battling a fire at an abandoned pier in crockets. here i as near carquinez bridge. it started around 350 this morning. the fire department is going into defense mold and they are expecting that the fire will burn for a while. >> new reports show that the pilot of oil tanker that struck a tower on the bay bridge last week, switched course as he was approaching. however it is unclear why 61 year-old guy jkeess change course. also contributed to accident or thickening fault, a faulty begin and dangerous currents. >> we're also waiting up to
6:47 am
cold weather this morning. will get a check of the forecast in just a bit. >> joining us now to talk markets is a financial expert on rob black. >> i just received my pay check yester day and its is less 2%. i am starting to redo my 401k periods >> everyone is upset about the 2%. it was just one year that we got this break anyway. it is a shock to everyone periods >> with that said if people do not understand that obama is talking that you have to pay your bill before you leave for dinner. we are
6:48 am
starting to talk about it in human terms. i do like this. we do have another fiscal cliff issue in about another 30 days. >> and dale is going through problems with pcs. everyone is going after tablets now. computers are not selling well. nothing in the pc environment is doing well. dale should go private. this will be a very big deal for them. michael dell will have to kick in his 15%. he started this company and his college rowing. people stated that he cannot do it but he did. but the old and desktops are not just as effective as they used to be. dell does get 50% of their revenue in foreign markets. >> mike zuckerberg irk this
6:49 am
his moment to become steve jobs. what is it going to be? >> we don't know if this point to be a phone or not. this is very intriguing. the only time that we have seen marked zuckerberg irk was when his company was humiliated. ever since then he has been met. i do not mean that in a better way peppery epo >> the time is now 6:48
6:50 am
a.m.. it will not get a look at the weather. >> is cold and it is frosty in certain spots. as we look at the numbers currently is 28 degrees for santa rosa. novato is up to upper 20s. we do have a freeze on one morning and frost advisory. if you should protect your crops. the cold temperatures are in the protected valley's. the winter weather advisories will expire at 9:00 a.m.. there will be patchy frost
6:51 am
but we will have on a warmer afternoon. >> it will be dry and the bay area as we focus our attention on today. san jose is coming in at 56 degrees there will be plenty of 60's and in danville. it will be a sunny day in store for the north bay. napa is at 55 degrees and 53 degrees for san francisco. satellite and radar shows that high pressure is raging. we will have driver weather for the next couple of days. >> the good news is that we're not tracking any hot spots. we do have a pretty steady back up at the bay bridge. it is still running to about 14 to 60 minutes.
6:52 am
it depends on which to approach you are taking to the bridge. the san mateo bridge and highway 92 is still doing well with an 11 to 12 minute drive time heading westbound to foster city. the 101 to the golden gate bridge is still a pretty good ride. the more rain coming will be shown in a moment. it is now 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. >> for the long this time we were saying slow traffic through the east bay on highway 4 and on interstate 580. we're now seeing slowing on 8680. the south bay freeway is picking up some delays for 101 and 87. there are no problems there. the marin county drive has risen to 26 to 28 minutes. we're not seen any problems
6:53 am
with congestion from novaoto to the golden gate bridge. >> here is a live area over the sting of the i s f freeway which was closed to do to a big crash. the big rig a burst into flames. >> we are days away from the next round of the playoffs for the san francisco forty- niners. let's see your niner pride. >> we are running fan of photos on the kron 4 morning news all week long. here and they are perrier you can e- mail them to breaking news at , or send them
6:54 am
in a message to us on facebook. >> we have been seen a lot of people wearing their 49ers gear. he keeps sending in your pictures. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news. smoking in san from cisco will be a hot topic tonight. the potential changes are coming to cigarettes in the city periods plus, we have more information on actress lindsay lohan. she is getting ready for a another appearance in court a again. we'll have details straight a head.
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>> while come bac periods the way san francisco regulate smoking is a topic of conversation at the city's board of supervisors meeting today. the first
6:58 am
item would require property owners in the city to tell potential tenants whether smoking is allowed in a multi unit residential building. the second ordnance being considered by the board would ban smoking as certain street fairs and festivals in the city, including the haight-ashbury street fair and the fillmore and jazz festival. both items were unanimously approved by the boards land use and economic development committee last month. >> linseed lohan will be in court and again today to face a judge who were groped her probation. factors was put on probation after she was convicted in 2011 on charges related to the theft of a necklace. but then last
6:59 am
summer, she crashed her car in santa monica. authorities said that she was not only reckless sleep driving, but she gave false information to a police officer and she then resisted a police officer. so the santa monica city attorney slept for a misdemeanor charges against her. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. a fire breaks out at an abandoned pier in contra costa county. we are live on the scene with the new details. plus, the bay area is waking up to subfreezing temperatures. nerco will let us know how cold is in your neighborhood. and, lance armstrong will make a big concession to oprah winfrey. we are talking about it with gary grant experience


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